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If you’re a player or coach who does it regularly, then you’re probably not a good enough player to be making the team. And if you’re just finding talent for fun—and some guys just do it anyway—then you might be a good enough player to help the team. But the more you’re drawing talent for fun, the less likely your goal-scoring will be.

As an analogy, imagine a hockey player who draws the most talent and skill out of anyone in the league. The guy will still score a lot, but you won’t have much incentive to draft and develop that guy because he’ll be doing it at a high level. That player is a superstar with a high ceiling, but just below that ceiling is a career player who’s also productive.

A player like that should definitely be on your radar. If you don’t have another reason to take him, he’ll be a bust. And he’s the same as the guy who draws the least talent out of the other players; it’s not his skill level that counts, it’s just that he does it for fun instead of a real job.

5. If you have enough young talent to make the roster, you will need to move it

In all sports, players who aren’t on the team often get traded—because teams find ways to make money while putting players on injured reserve. But not all trades are equal. Some trades are pretty cheap for the team, like a minor league player and a prospect, and some are expensive—like a prospect and a catcher. Because there’s always a trade exception (which the Twins used in 2013 for Chris Coghlan) and because teams can only trade players until the end of their 2022 contract, these deals are rare, and it’s a good thing if the kids are ready.

And the teams with the highest number of guys who become free agents also usually have a few of the most promising youngsters in the organization. So, if you have enough young talent that you have to trade to make the team, that’s usually a good thing. If you don’t have the talent or the opportunity to get a talented player for cheap, then you’ll keep him long term if you can get him cheap.

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But when a team is already deep and talented and doesn’t need a couple of talented players, then it might be better to let the team have the players they want to give it. But that’s rare—maybe you don’t have the talent and the opportunity

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