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“This is very exciting,” said one of the officials who was present at the meeting. “This is the most important thing that the government accomplished. This is probably the first time that we have been able to have a meeting like this without all of this stuff happening in public.”

New Delhi: The ruling party led by the UPA has been accused of bowing to China by backing Pakistan’s bid for hosting the Asian Games in the future as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s China visit gets underway.

As India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is due to inaugurate India’s bid for the 2022 Asian Games in Beijing in the US after the US Congress re-established ties with Pakistan yesterday, Chinese officials are getting ready to celebrate what would be Pakistan’s biggest ever sporting event.

According to a delegation of Chinese officials in New Delhi, who requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter, India’s bid was expected to be chosen as part of China’s bid for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics next year. The Chinese delegation will also get to meet the PM, a source told a news agency.

The source added that the Chinese delegation would also meet the country’s leaders.

“The Pakistani teams will then make their final decision, which we will inform them about… The Chinese delegation will meet our foreign ministers and take their final decision,” the source said, adding it would take “a long time” to decide upon the Indian delegation for the 2028 Asian Games.

“We hope that the Indian bid is picked by the Pakistan Olympic Committee (PCO),” the source added.

Pakistan is due to host the 2022 Winter Olympics despite being under threat at home due to the ongoing military operation in North Waziristan that has left tens of thousands of civilians, including children and women, dead in cross-border shelling.

The ongoing operation is expected to have a significant impact on the country’s bid for the 2028 Olympics.

Indian sports minister Vijay Goel was due to be in China for the Beijing 2028 Olympics Ceremony that will kick off the 2018-2028 Winter Summer Games, but he could not attend at the venue because of a diplomatic row between New Delhi and Islamabad.

Pakistan on Monday formally announced it had agreed with Beijing to host the 2028 Asian Games but the Indian media has been reporting for several days that Pakistan could not provide any guarantees on security.

The Beijing Sports Ministry had also threatened to deny the Indian bid for the 2022 Winter

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