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Not at the moment. It’s not possible to pass any kind of program or exam and register for “certifications or degrees”. You need to pass an online (electronic) exam and register for a course.

But yes, in the current market, you can still find certification or degrees at for just about any kind of knowledge, no questions asked.

What are your best tips for getting certified? You have all kind of questions in your head, where is it really?

There are many and I’ve answered some of those on my personal page before. For example, here is a video by my friend and YouTube video instructor that explains how a certification can help your career or get you the job you want.

If I want to get certified as a programmer, I don’t think any certification would make a difference in that. Asking your boss what does your certifications mean in your job prospects is not a good idea either.

There is something else you need to understand that you might have seen on social media: the whole “do you want coding job if you’re not a CS” mentality, that is based on not knowing how to code.

Even if your job description or job description doesn’t say what kind of skills we expect and want to see in our candidates; in all likelihood, it’s going to be different from what is mentioned in your job description (even if you don’t use a programming language.)

Some people have the misconception that they should do coding just for the job, without considering what other people think they need to do.

I have been working as a consultant/engineer, for a big organization. I don’t use any kind of coding language, but I was told that it would make my job easier if I could program and I could write reports from time to time.

Since I do not have that kind of programming language background, would I do it? If I don’t know how to code, do I need to learn?
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Probably not.

How and where do I register my website for free?

Just go to the Amazon site, and create an “adidas” account for free. You will not have to register a credit card, even if it’s for a specific kind of product or if I’m asking to pay for an offer/product. Amazon takes 10% cut of the Amazon profits.

Then you just have to log in and buy all of the products

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