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This is valid for any and all courses and certificate, that meet the requirements outlined below.

You can obtain a certificate from this certifier here or directly from the institution.

What should I expect to see when I go online for the online certification?

The online course will present and prepare you for your exam by preparing the material. It will start with a discussion of the material, followed by practice questions/tests and completion of the exam. It is meant to prepare you not only to go through this exam but to also go through your other online learning activities and certificates.

What should I bring to the university site?

All you need are a laptop, a projector, a printer, the study guide from any source you like, an additional source for your reference material and a pencil and paper.

How are the exam details?

All that you need is your registered e-mail address. You can get it here.

Can I get my transcript online?

No. You’ll have to visit the university website where you can get your transcript from there. The university will require that the transcript be sent to e-mail addresses registered to you and you will have to log in to one of those addresses.

Do I have to be an e-e-school?

E-e-school should be a requirement for the online certificate.

Can I submit more than one course online?
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Yes you can! The online course consists of 8-10 individual online learning experiences. You can combine the online learning experiences in any combination you like.

Where can I learn more about online certification?

Find answers to the following questions and further information on our online website:

This e-Certificate offers you the opportunity to take online courses on the same topics available to you in the university. You will have access to online tools, online resources and online training modules that prepare you for your new, individual online training.

In order to ensure effective training, you will also be given a personalised training module prepared by your instructor for each individual content area. The modules will cover the topic you will learn in the course.

A course also provides the opportunity to:

complete exams and pass online exams

learn the content topics that you will learn in the course

meet with other

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