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Not so much

There’s a new book about the industry out, and I’ve read it. It’s pretty good. The only thing that would’ve changed my opinion about the hobby (aside from the fact that I had to use an ebook reader to view the book) is that I’d have seen a lot more of this book (more on this in a second).

And this book is the book of the hobby and the one that I’d suggest would make the hobby better.

In a nutshell, The Art of the Hobby, by Brian Kelly, Jr. and Eric Dyer has the following four points.

1. You’ve just got to try.

This isn’t just advice from any old book (although it is pretty good). The two authors really get down to the nitty gritty of the process to get to the actual drawing. There’s a ton of research of things you don’t do, things you might use for your hobby, and even stuff you do but never actually use. It’s not for the light of learning a way around the ropes. That only gets you on a roller coaster ride and can be dangerous.

It’s about getting to the point with practice where you feel comfortable using a pencil for a while.

“It was like seeing the first person to open up a paint can for the first time and trying to figure out how to get in.” -Brian Kelly, Jr.

2. Be prepared for “the inevitable”

You’ve got to be. I mean it. You know how artists have their own methods? They know how to prepare for “the inevitable”. They always have them in their arsenal — which is usually the brush. But they don’t have to. There’s a point, though.

“I get it. I will never, never ever do that again.” —Brian Kelly, Jr.

“You’ve just learned all there is to know about the art of the pen. For now. The only thing stopping you is the fear.” –Eric Dyer

3. Learn to use the tools you already have.

I’m old school — I don’t need any kind of instruction. I already know how to use my pencil. That’s how I draw. If the only tool you ever use is a paintbrush or a palette knife, you’re doing it wrong.

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This is the tip Kelly and Dyer share. There are no more paints in this world. The

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