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A: Skillshare, like the rest of the tech industry, is in the midst of a massive technology revolution. As a result, the job market is incredibly dynamic and evolving at a rate never seen before. It’s no longer a matter of if an employer will hire you; it’s a matter of when. If you’re thinking of switching employers, you must understand the changes that are coming. To make the transition easier and cost-effective, you’d be smart to take advantage of skillshare.

The benefits are numerous. A skilled workforce is more responsive to market trends. With over 35 million jobs currently available, most employers want candidates who can produce products quickly and without the hassle of paperwork to complete application forms. While traditional job applications require applicants to provide extensive education and credentials, skillshare applications simply have questions in order to assess your qualifications and help you get a job.

Employers want this proactive approach because they have found it increases the number of applications they accept and the amount of work they find time to fulfill. The cost savings can also be staggering. When asked how much salary he’d have to offer up on the open job, a recent Google recruiter told MarketWatch, I think we’d be willing to make a very reasonable offer – and I think that’s something that would be considered very rare – especially in the tech industry.”

While most people wouldn’t think of hiring a skilled worker, the truth is that the value of those skills is a critical component of any company’s success today and tomorrow. To be successful, companies need to find new ways to take advantage of skillshare employers. This way, tech companies will be able to recruit, train, and retain the world’s most talented talent.

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The latest polls in the U.K. indicate that the British public wants out of European Union. For starters, it’s overwhelmingly opposed to the European Union (EU), and that’s not going to be helped by Brexit or any other major policy decisions that come before an election in June. But, for many people, some will still vote for the EU in the June general election – but the numbers are changing.

Here are some of the poll results for various EU-related issues in the U.K. on the eve of the EU Referendum.

EU Immigration

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