Is skillshare worth the money? – Free Virtual Painting Classes

How should you set up your skillshare agreement?

How much do you want per person/project?

What if you get stuck on a product you want to support? How to deal with it?

How to deal with conflict and deal with the ego

Is this the right skillshare for you?

How do you get involved in the skillshare?

Should you be part of the skillshare or not?

Who can participate in the skillshare?

Is everyone a participant in the skillshare?

How can the participants/team help each other?

How can you make a project better?

What about the liability?

Who is the key person/person/thing who must have input if something goes wrong?

How can you know what to do and when to do it?

What is the risk of failure with such a high risk/high reward business model?

What is the risk of being a non-profit if your revenue is cut short?

How well is the technology developed and sold

How much time does it take to develop the product/service? Does the product/service have to stay in the market for 5 years? 7 years?

Should you develop the product yourself or do it all with outsourcing partners?

Does product development take 3 to 4 years?
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How much money will the project be worth in 5 years? Will it be worth more than if it had been built in 10 years?

What do you put money in the venture funds account each month?

Will the project actually build anything? Can the product become profitable or will your investors and others not be in the way?

Will it benefit you or your investors?

How many engineers will work on a product/service in your team?

The best way to go?

What are the skills/skills of the best founders? What are their strengths? What are all their weaknesses?

Does the startup start from scratch?

Which stage would you be at?

How long do you want to go?

How does the company operate?

When do you start working?

How long does it take to build a product or service?

What is the product/service in question?

What technology/disruption is being introduced in the business?

Who is the developer?

Why is this technology/

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