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The answer depends partially on whether you’re getting the same value from your team. But also on how well you know each other, which may not be the key difference.

Here are the two best parts:


(Slides courtesy of C-SPAN)

The value-sharing model that C-SPAN has developed will allow viewers to see the value, rather than the number of teammates — which will then affect the value per teammate. You can learn more about the model and how it works at C-SPAN, and how it could apply in other sports, via the website.


It’s an idea worth considering, so let’s get started.

How To See the Value of a Team Share

The first step is to look at the team’s performance over the past three years. A team share will be the sum of the team’s past performance.

A team may have many good years, while worse years (the bad seasons) are behind them. A team share will determine how good the team was a couple years ago.

To determine a team’s current value, the system uses past performance and future performance. The formula for the value of a roster, or in basketball, a team, is:
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A team’s current value will depend on whether or not it’s getting any value from its current five players, and also if there are any good players back.

If you have five good players and you’ve gotten no value from your five players over the past three seasons, then you’re probably getting too much. If you have five good players and no player with a future value greater than $250,000 per year, then the value is likely to be much higher.

There are four cases here.

The player with the “worst value” for his team. This should be the worst performer on a team that’s on the way up, or near the top of the league. If players’ previous performance is not in question and/or they’re not very young (below 19) then it makes more sense to be lucky and get a big-name free agent. For example, the Dallas Mavericks, with Dirk’s injury and the retirement of Tyson Chandler, got one of the best free agent deals in the NBA in free agency, one that should give them a lot of long-term upside. If a team that needs that superstar or a first-rounder with a low draft pick just got

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