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Skillshare is not cheap. It is a great way to take over a business, but it is also a great way to waste more of your time.

The problem with skillshare is that it is not clear what the investment is, so businesses decide they want to invest and spend more on it. While this strategy might work, it also means less money in your pocket – because the business is not producing the skills it needs.

The reason that such investors are often unambitious is that it takes so much time, money and emotional investment to learn new skills – what you want and how to improve skills and get them.

The end result is that businesses typically do not invest their money in a new business, because there are no good returns.

I think the best time to move into the market is when there is an opportunity for an unambitious entrepreneur to build and grow a business. That opportunity will be easier to identify and then seize. I think skillshare would be a great option for people who want to take over an existing business, but have a little too much time on their hands to spend on learning.

What other investments can I make to build my success?

The investment I suggest above is simply one to help you move into new markets. While I do not say that you should move your existing business into an unambitious new market, it can be a good place to start.

It makes sense that for those who are trying to learn new skills the best times to take them over is when you have time on your hands – especially given how long it would take to learn them properly.

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So what else do you think you want to try to start to improve your skills without spending much more money?

Feel free to post a comment below on how you would move your business into new markets.

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