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A new series of polls by the Pew Research Center and YouGov shows the public views the United States less favorably than it did during the Obama and Bush administrations. The poll shows that the majority of Americans are “mostly satisfied” with President Obama’s performance.

However, Americans are significantly more unhappy with the way Washington is behaving than at any time in the previous 15 years of polls. Fifty-one percent say they are “very” or “fairly” satisfied with the way things are going, while only 44 percent express this same level of satisfaction with how the government has behaved during the last two administrations.

These numbers are in stark contrast with public opinion on the Bush-era record of job creation, which was slightly higher than the percentage of those who are satisfied with the way they worked during the Carter and Bush presidencies.

The polls also show significant differences between Republican and Democratic voters. While 58% of Republicans are satisfied with the way things are going as a nation, only 39% of Democrats agree. Overall, Republican dissatisfaction with the direction the government is going is highest among those who voted for President George W. Bush.


The poll finds that an overwhelming majority of Americans oppose “draconian” immigration restrictions, including a 74-point percentage who say “Americans who are less affluent should be given access to this country.” The poll finds that only 22% of Democrats oppose “a path to citizenship for all undocumented immigrants.”

Most Americans also think the United States should “respect and protect natural resources like public lands.” Seventy-seven percent of Republicans say the United States should respect natural resources and natural ecosystems, while only 32 percent of Democrats agree.

The poll finds no major shift in views on issues such as abortion, taxes, the minimum wage, or gay marriage, but it does reveal significant differences between Republican and Democratic voters. While 57 percent of Republicans believe illegal immigrants should be required to have criminal records, only 42 percent of Democrats agree. Seventy-one percent of Democrats agree that it’s “troublesome” for people of lower education to live with parents

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