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How many people in it do u have around you?

Skipping that question, we can move on to the next one:

If you get a decent drawing course (if you pay for it) and work at it, why not continue to learn from yourself and make better pictures? It’s a challenge that can be taken on. If you’re not drawing to get your first job, that’s a waste of time. You are drawing to make a living and make money. It’s not going to hurt you. And it shouldn’t. And you’re not going to miss learning anything by not being at work.

If you’re interested in drawing at all, you’re probably spending most of your time worrying about money. You might say, “I’m not good at this at all!” But you’re not! And you’re getting better.

If you have the time, and you care, you can make a life out of art. Do it, and if one day you get a commission to draw for a big company, congratulations! You have the skills to do it. You have the money. If you’re serious, don’t wait until you’re 18. Find a place to live and start drawing.

If you want to learn to draw as a professional, pay for it with your time. You might be surprised how many opportunities are available, if you have enough time for that. You can start with a sketch book, or you can hire a good artist (not to mention the time) to help you. Or you can look for work on sites like Deviant and take your chances when applying.

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