What are good free drawing apps? – Free Online Art Classes Uk

Here are five free drawing apps for your iOS devices.


I am a GIMP user and this app is used to create all my vector art, that makes me realize my full potential.

This drawing app is really useful and good for beginners, because it uses simple tools, that are very easy to use in real life (even for a beginner). For professional drawing use this app, to make all your drawings in Photoshop.

The free version for iPhone/iPad doesn’t have the features required for professional drawing, such as brushes or a drawing tool, but we find this app to be the best.

Drawing apps for iPhone/iPad.


GIMP has been an essential and powerful drawing tool that all professional artists use in their professional drawings. This app is designed to be a complete graphic designer, so that you can create your own free vector art on your devices. For professional usage, the free version can draw pictures and vector shapes, and you will find you can create all kinds of vector art on your devices.

This free photo app can produce all kinds of vector art, and you can even add photos you add to your profile. It can also make a vector art for your social media profile.

If you are interested in free vector apps and the most powerful vector drawing app, please check out my list of the best free drawing apps.


This free app is great for children and families that use it for learning the fundamentals of drawing. In this app, kids can take part in the drawing of objects, as well as the creation of different kinds of shapes and symbols on the screen.

The app can also make a drawing of cartoons in the shapes you wish and you can add text and images.

It has all the features and features that a good free drawing app would need.


Wacom is really perfect for drawing small things, that your child will be using in their school or home. This free drawing app is very helpful for children that want to design posters, or for children who would like to draw animals like cats or elephants, the most common animals.

This app is also great for kids that want to draw things that are related to their favorite brands. You can use this app as a good place to start if you think your children are going to draw anything important, you should create a drawing for it.

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