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Our free online certificates course are ideal for:

anybody wishing to learn the basics of certificate courses.

a certificate courses student of any level.

A certificate degree must be completed through a recognised and accredited university on a university course, usually as a part of a Certificate in Learning.

The following courses may be of some interest to you:

There are many free courses available from the university level and some with a certificate.

Are these free courses available online?

Many universities and colleges now offer free online courses of this type, but at the moment none of the institutions listed below offer formal and full certificate courses of this kind.

Are there fees?

No fees are charged. Most courses on this list are very easy to complete for free. If you want to save time, this course may be suitable for you.

You may be able to access online courses as:

As we enter the season that I would like most for the Cubs to win the World Series, and as the Cubs enter a period of transition, it is only fair to look at one of the most interesting players on the team going forward. There have been a number of people who have looked at what the Cubs need to do with Addison Russell, and I would like to take a look at who might fit best into what the organization has planned for Russell in the next two seasons. Let’s take a look!

1. “It Is Not What You Make of It”

I love watching Addison Russell play basketball. The best part about it is the whole “what if?” mentality. This is not just a “what if?” as some fans believe it to be. I can say with surety that Russell has what it takes to be elite this season. And that is exactly what the team needs for Russell to win an MVP award.
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When asked about Russell’s place on the team:

“I think he just has it. I am just really proud that he is here in front of me every single day,” Maddon said.

With Russell having the best year of his career, I am not sure how they will move him on as a “project” this season. That being said, I don’t think he should be moved to a bench role or to the bench of the starting rotation. I will be surprised if the Cubs don’t start him at second base if he makes it this far!

2. He May Not Make

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