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The University of Minnesota and Minnesota State University are collaborating to develop a free, open-source mobile app that will allow faculty, students, and researchers to research, organize and share findings in collaborative ways on any smartphone, tablet or computer.

The app, called UMLive, is already available for iPhone and iPad users. It enables researchers from any university anywhere to share and collaborate on research results from any location, any day of the week. The app also makes it easy to find researchers’ projects, contact them, and ask questions about their research.

UMLive was built in under 12 hours. It was created by a team of graduate students from the School of Computer Science and Engineering, and a group of undergraduate students and faculty from the Department of Biostatistics.

“The students started out just writing basic code,” said Daniel Lee, a PhD student at the University of Minnesota’s Department of Biostatistics. “But quickly, we needed some help writing it, and we found that they were more than the initial programmers. We had great people on the side, and we felt incredibly lucky, and we didn’t expect that, because the team doesn’t have huge experience. To them, this was just a great opportunity to go out and give it a try. They worked really closely and kept to the end of the project, and they came up with the whole framework of what we ended up with.”

The app uses the UMLive website and mobile technology to enable scholars at campuses across the Twin Cities in the US and all over the world to share, collaborate, collaborate, and collaborate. UMLive’s mobile application enables scholars from the University of Minnesota, Minnesota State and the University of California, Riverside to collaborate on research projects without using any particular software. This also means researchers at different universities won’t have difficulty communicating with one another – they simply need to access the UMLive website, download and download a mobile app and use it.
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As a founding faculty member or current member of a research institute, Lee is especially keen to make the application available to other faculty members who are not in the physical sciences or engineering departments. Currently, the app is only available to current faculty members of University of Minnesota and University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, but is open to scholars from all colleges and universities.

Researchers from each university can choose to be listed

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