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“Painting is really about two things: (1) The way the brush looks and (2) The size and shape of the brush,” says Gerten. “This is the only area that you need to be very clear: you’re going to have to have a certain brush that will work in every situation and also the right water-color.”

So the painter doesn’t have to worry about specific styles or details, he says. The artist’s main concern is keeping the brush as small as possible. The smaller the brush, the thicker the line of the painting will be.

How are you going to handle the water of the brush?

Gerten also advises against using too much water—but not too much too quickly. “You must not take too much time with the paint, because at some point, you have to add water to the brush. It’s very important, when there’s plenty of paint on the brush, to make sure you take time to make your work. Even if you don’t add water, it’s good.”

The best way to do this is to first take a wet brush, brush on the paint, wipe it off, and then go back again. “When you’re using too much water, or your brush becomes too thin, you won’t be able to do this,” Gerten says. “The more you paint, the more water you’ll have to use to make up for the thinness.”

How is the paint going to look?

The artist says that he or she always should be working in an open area, with the view of the trees where the brush will be. This is particularly important since the brush isn’t going to be able to reach all its maximum thickness any time soon.

“So when you’re doing that, don’t think about where the surface of your canvas is,” Gerten says. Because “the surface of the canvas is in the water, it’s going to be the water itself, its color, the surface, that are the things that will make up the color of your water paint.”

And what does that mean for water painting?

“That means (water painting) is all about the paint, painting, and painting,” Gerten says. “At some point you’re just going to have to use water.”

And what happens if you get wet?

“In case you’re like me and the rain comes and you don’t

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