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All of the types are the same. They’re basically any painting or photography that you can do that has an image or color that we’re used to looking at. So you take those image and make it into an image and do that. But the main thing is that we have to have a little more creativity, that we have to be able to make what we have in our heads, and so we have to add something extra. When you start to go out and you start to look at things on the wall on this side and you see these things, what are they? What are these patterns? Those kind of things. The way that you know exactly what you’re looking at, then you have to be able to go and find that image. You have to find an image that has no other patterns or images, but the way that we do that is we paint. We can paint on a wall. We can draw it and make it. But that’s not what we do. When I’m thinking about how the world should look, sometimes I need to draw. I don’t have to be good at drawing. When I’m thinking about what I want, I can draw it. As soon as I look at the way it looks, or whatever it is, then that’s when I’m like, “It’s good. That’s what I want.”

Why do you think you have this ability to get so much accomplished and to have a work of art on our walls.

The way that I figure it…when you’re a kid, you’re the only one there and the only one that’s having fun with it; and if you say something and somebody says something about it, something like that can’t happen. So I think that I’m always doing something interesting but nobody’s there and nobody can see it, which is what I really love about it.

What has been your most gratifying art project?

My last two projects are the first two paintings that I did for a collection that we did in the summer of 2012. I did the three pieces for that collection. The collection I was going to did not have anything new or unique. It was more of a way-out, it was a way-out collection that took pictures of the streets of New York. In the last two, we went and did the actual paintings because that was so much more fun.

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You worked together as a gallery and in-store artist.

That was the best. I

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