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The key to understanding how to develop a career as a self taught artist is to remember that a self taught artist is a talented artist that has the skills, knowledge and creativity to excel at doing exactly what they do. It is important to remember that not everyone has the time or means to learn a new skill. In order for you to become an accomplished self taught artist, you must first learn the basics in regards to how to do what you do.

What can a self taught artist do?

The only thing you really need to master in regards to being a self taught artist is how to take your time and be comfortable in knowing how to take a few years of your life with you and learn to move on to some new learning as you grow. The best way to learn how to self teach, is to just take the time and start practicing and creating. You will learn the mechanics of what you have to do, and then slowly make those movements look like you have no clue. Once you know how to practice in an effective way, then you can begin taking your passion for creating and showing those creations to a larger audience, which will not only show the world that you can make your own art, but also get the attention of other artists. When done well, this will result in you starting to sell your work in a way that you didn’t before.

If you are interested in finding inspiration and inspiration for your own drawings or art you are going to come up with, take a look at these sites that will help you out:






www.flickr.com/photos/michaelkaczynski or www.photostream.com/mjkaczynski

This also applies to how you will make your art as a self taught artist.

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What is an artist’s job?

An artist’s job is to take a piece of art, get it to the market and sell it. Even though you have to work for a living, you must find an outlet that does not take away from where you want to be going in terms of your art (in the case of getting into the industry as a self taught artist or for a day job). You can spend hours on your computer making your own art, but if you don’t have

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