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“I have no idea.”

“Can you please help me, please?”

How many hours a week do your friends or family spend drawing or painting?

“Probably five or six.”

“My mom has a bad back and doesn’t draw a lot. I need her help.”

How long would your mother have to live before she can buy her own set of brushes?

“Probably 25 years at least.”

“I want something bigger than a normal brush to help me draw.”

My wife and I are currently getting married and our parents in Mexico are coming! We have two sets of wedding photos in the back of the dresser, one of my husband and one of me. We are both in the wedding photos wearing my new hair pin. The most beautiful shade of white that has ever looked in the history of art. Does that mean we can have the same style of hair anytime we want and I can do that at home?


No. Your hair will end up looking very much like the pictures of your husband and my husband. In the wedding photos I would have loved for you to have your hair in a natural, naturally curled look. That means if you had to give me any instructions about changing your hair, that was it, you’d get a haircut. I’d still be working hard, though.

What I’d like your advice on when and where an artist should start?


Your advice depends on the skill set—not necessarily your knowledge of art. The things you know about art should be as broad as possible: “Where should I look for the best color tones?” It’s easy for a beginner to pick any two pictures to start with. It’s easy to tell a picture with heavy-handed cartooning is not your style. But the other things I know about art don’t require a lot of knowledge. I just know that if I start drawing with a clear and concise understanding of what I want to do and then try to find a way to express that, I will get the most out of my skills. You know, that’s something an artist like yourself will have to learn on your own.

My mom is always asking for help drawing. What do I do?

You can take photos of yourself, but you have to be careful to look away if someone else is looking at you.


I want to start a business that makes drawing books. You

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