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I know there’s nothing wrong with a hobby where you enjoy painting whatever you can, but it is important to actually have the skill to actually do it. I think I’m going to put the question to you: How many hours of hours were you in painting in each of the four major categories (paintings, architecture, landscape and fashion)? What are your best and worst paints? It is going to be hard to give you the correct answer now and I bet it will be very interesting to hear your own answer.


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A senior Tory source on Monday blasted Labour Prime Minister David Cameron, saying the party “didn’t even bother” when Labour MPs’ expenses were “dodged through the back door” by a Commons Speaker’s aide.

Sir Michael Spicer denied knowing the true source of the claims, and accused “The People’s Court” of “deliberate fraud” in a Guardian interview in which the former chief whip defended the practice.

“He made mistakes. At that time it may have not been right, but this is politics and people make mistakes. It is wrong to try to claim people over the way they live in order to increase their money in the scheme of the day.

“At a time when we were talking about the fact that we’re running our public finances properly and the public sector is paying down debts we were saying that money should not be in the hands of people like the Speaker.”

Spicer, a former head of communications in the Labour government, was forced to resign in February 2004 after his role came under scrutiny when it emerged he was in possession of a secret diary of Parliamentary expenses during his time as a civil servant.

The revelations followed a long parliamentary row which began when two Labour MPs disclosed their expenses in a row over parliamentary expenses made by Sir Michael’s aide, Andrew Murray.

The revelations led to a public inquiry into parliamentary expenses at which Sir Michael said his actions were legitimate under the law, and that they had been “wasted” to seek publicity.

A new row emerged on Monday morning with the revelation that Sir Michael’s office used Parliamentary Services (Pensions) to claim £3,400 on housing on more than two years’ worth of housing allowances.

Pensioners’ Living Wage £7,450 (up to £8,000) Pensions Minister Ian Lavery and Housing Minister Nick Brown


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