How can I be good at sketching? – 3D Pencil Drawings Videos Steps

As you get better at drawing, it becomes more effective at solving sketching problems. This means a great deal more than you realize when you are first becoming proficient.

This is not a secret. It’s simply something that is hard to comprehend until you become a great teacher.

As I said earlier, you need to have a good understanding of what the problem is and what it is supposed to solve.

The way to solve it will depend on the problem, the situation, and the skills you’ve acquired.

For example:

If you are trying to sketch a car, you are better off having a good understanding of how the car works than you are of why your sketch would be wrong. Your idea in hand will allow you to solve more problems, and you’ll learn to think with your feet and find better and better ways to solve the problem.

This is another concept of confidence that you have to constantly cultivate.

You have to continuously learn to “get it right.” You can solve problems if you have the right sense of what they are.

I hope I’ve convinced you.

You are welcome to join me tomorrow when I go into greater detail about confidence and how to become a great teacher.

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