How can I be good at sketching? – Pencil Drawing Ideas Easy

The best way to get better is to practice.

Doing practice is key to being able to improve quickly.

In the following pages you will find tips and tricks on how to practice effectively.

How do I know that I’ve done good sketching?

The best way to know is by doing.

What are tips for sketching?

1. Learn the key shapes and lines. Then learn a few more that you’re not aware of.

2. Practice sketching on white paper or cardboard.

3. Practice by sketching in a mirror over what you just drew.

Learn how to sketch in the following lessons

I. Introduction II. Sketching from left-to-right 3. Drawing with a pen

IV. Drawing on paper 5. Drawing in a mirror 6. Drawing in the air

III. Techniques 7. Working with the pencil 8. Making an outline 9. Drawing shapes and lines

V. Illustration 10. Drawing on paper with a pen

VI. Color 11. Painting color 12. Painting color 13. Sculpting color using a brush

VII. Illustration and painting a sketch on paper

VIII. Drawing a sketch from left to right 14. Drawing a shape on a sheet of paper 15. Drawing a line using a pen

VIII. Drawing in the air 16. Sketching in the air 17. Drawing in the air in water 18. Drawing on a plane
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IX. Sculpting shapes and text 19. Sculpting shapes and text in water 20. Sculpting a line using a pen

X. Creating a model using a pencil

Y. Drawing in the air 21. Drawing in the air in water 22. Drawing in the air in paint 23. Painting a sketch on paper

You will begin to understand how you can help others in drawing, painting, sculpting and more!

I recommend that you start here.

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