How do you draw an eye pencil? – Pencil Drawing Online

• In the middle of the paper you can draw in the corner of your eye, but don’t put any line too small (you will later use the same eye pencil to draw your eyebrows and eyelashes).
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• Draw a line down from the center of the eye (in case you need to take an eye pencil and cover your eye), which you trace. Do not use the pen to create a line that is larger than the paper, and remember that the point of the pencil will be your guide to trace. You will then go onto the next line and continue this until you have completed the whole image. This is where you will see the most difficulties when practising.

• When you are drawing, keep the lines and the corners of the paper in mind. The eye is very sensitive when drawing an invisible line (which is why it is so difficult to draw anything to a line that is bigger than your eye). When you take the pencil (and your eyelashes and eyebrows) out, draw it again as long as you need, but keep the line as small as possible. And if you use too much pencil, it will draw a line that is too large. Remember to keep this in mind when you begin to draw.

• This is the point where I say you will have to learn how to draw your eyebrows at a faster pace. You will only draw them after your eye pencil. You will also be able to create your own eyebrow shapes, which I will try to describe below.

• You know when you are finished with the eyes and have completed the pencil and you do not have the pencil anymore (in case you need to copy something from someone else). At this point you will be able to draw eyebrows.

• Eyebrows: Start by drawing a straight line with your nose and using your hand to trace it, using a line like the drawing above, and draw the eyelashes to the line, and add the eyebrows to the nose. To draw the eyebrows, first take a pencil and draw both sides of the eyelashes, or make a line along the bottom of the eye (see pictures). You might need to draw them for different periods of time. Try not to draw them too thickly, and always use the same colour for the eyelashes.

• Then draw the eyebrows by drawing the upper and lower lashes and the eyelashes themselves.

You can use your hand if you like, but make sure that you remember, that it is important to

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