How do you draw an eye pencil? – Pencil Sketch Tutorial For Beginners

I guess by making the eye on a pencil. I do like to show different things when I’m drawing eyes, like this time when she draws the nose on her nose. And then the eyes when she draws the mouth, which I made like a little smiley mouth.

What’s the process for making an eyebrow?

I start by drawing with a pencil and that gives me the outline. Then I add hair, eyebrows and all the details. Sometimes this means I draw it really really fast. Like that little girl who’s drawing her little brother. With this little cartoon nose, I only did one little facial expression, she was just drawing him with one eyebrow. Then she goes in the next step and does the other facial expression over it, then the brows. Then the wrinkles and everything just adds the depth.

So where did the idea to create these character lines start?

My original concept for the art book was to have people drawn in pencil and paper. But since then we had to change things. It had to become real-life to be a cartoon. So I’d go to Disneyland or something because of this concept. I would go go all over, and every single park and every single street, street, alley, everything. They were all real and they all looked like that. So I was in every single one with my art book because I love the culture. I remember going to Disneyland once and every single person was like, “Oh boy, Disney is all about the character. Oh, what a character!” I remember coming back to the book and there’s this thing called Art of Animation. It’s this huge book that’s all Disney characters and the whole world of animation, every single cartoon since Disney came out in 1952. I had to read it.

Did it change your life and how did you come back to work at Weta Digital?

Well it was interesting because I was there about four months and the first thing I did after I went home was go to Disneyland for the day. So I got home, I fell asleep, and then I saw the people there and it hit me. That was my first experience of being at a movie studio. So I think that was my very first interaction with Weta Digital.

After that, I took my art book and went back right into the art department and that’s how I got back to the studio for about a year. I’m glad I did that because my passion is still at Weta

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