How do you draw pencil art? – Graphite Or Pencil Drawing Techniques Beginner

Do you look at a photo or just draw?

I do, but they’re usually so damn bad that I stop, and I’m like, No no. No way. No way. I know that it’s not me. But I just draw. I’m good at drawing in my head. But I use digital to sketch things, and then I can just do it on the computer too.

What happens to the pieces that you’ve drawn in Photoshop?

When they get sent out, they go to someone to fix them, and then they get printed again, or whatever. I like to use them as much as I can, and then I don’t use them for other things.

You don’t have to use Photoshop any more?

No. I have to be really strict about it, and I’m too stubborn to do it. Sometimes I don’t even want to do it. It’s frustrating. I use all of the tools I need to do what I think needs do. I do it on all levels, and it’s my own thing. It’s not like Photoshop is in my control or something.

You said you use only what you need to do; there’s not Photoshop. What can you say of the limitations that come with that?

Well, I draw it in layers. I have two main layers. One is the body part, and the other is an arm that I put around the head of the character on the page. If you have to use that in some way, even so if you make some kind of a reference that the piece needs to be like that. If there’s a reference that doesn’t exist, I won’t do it.

Is it hard to find an arm—not just one, but an arm as well?

It’s really hard sometimes. Usually I just have a sketch in my head, but I might say, Hey. I don’t know, maybe a guy might know what he’s doing with his arm. So I draw it—it might be the same character, different skin tone, whatever.

What will you have to say about your next project?

I should talk about… oh. Well, I’d say like a little more character work.

What is it?

I’m trying to do a series of graphic novels called Little Monster. They’re not really graphic novels, but they’re not just stories. They’re not really illustrations or short stories, they’re

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