How do you draw pencil art? – Pencil Drawing Paper Smooth

A lot of people get a kick out of trying to draw pencil art, but I know people that actually don’t know how to draw anything – but they have a natural talent, and they’re willing to take some practice, because they think they’re getting really good things done.

Is there something you’ve drawn that surprised you?

I drew the Spider-Man character, the guy in yellow and black, which was pretty scary! I had never drawn anything like that!

What’s your take on the Marvel comics scene today?

It’s just another business, like everything else, really. There is no creative freedom there – just the regular business of comics.

You and Mark Millar are both well known in comic book circles. How does your relationship work?

Well, Mark is a really nice guy, so if you want to talk to him about comics, he’s always happy to oblige. He’s very gracious. For me, just because I’ve been working in comics for a while, I never really had a relationship with anyone at any point. I’m not used to people wanting to talk to me about comics, because I’m not used to people talking about me. When Mark was writing the Punisher and his Punisher books, it was always a really easy conversation.

But in the Marvel Universe, even though we’ve met a couple of times in the past few years – at San Diego Comic-Con, and even the San Diego International Comic-Con – he’s always had me on the back half of a sentence or two. It’s like a very friendly acquaintance. We’re kind of buddies, so that was nice. He also knows my work very well, so he’s always looking out for me to help me write the stuff I’m drawn to.

How did you get into comics?

I read comics when I was an English major in college, and by the time I got my diploma, I was very into them. The kind of books that influenced me were The Watchmen – I mean, I loved the stuff. Then there were some things that I saw the DC comics doing, and there were some people working on a lot of stuff at DC that I admired. So I just sort of got into the whole whole thing.

What advice would you give to a kid starting out that’s interested in comics?

Don’t bother to tell them that, you won’t have anyone to tell you to stop!

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