How do you protect a pencil drawing? – Color Pencil Drawing Nature Easy For Beginners

We never use any glue, and we don’t get it scratched up. Most likely, if we used any sort of adhesive like superglue, the pencil would come off the drawing board and get on a shelf, where the glue is going to dry up, so it would look pretty good, and we probably wouldn’t actually want to be there to draw it anyway.

The reason some people use paint, or even a layer of acrylic on their drawing boards is for the exact same reasons: It helps keep the glue from drying out and ruining and it’s fun to build up a big mess that the kids don’t want to clean up. I suppose some people just think it’s the coolest thing ever, but I’ve never considered paint my primary method, and it’s actually not that pretty.

I am not going to tell you who has drawn with paint; I am not a paint expert either, nor am I going to tell you which is which. I am simply speaking from my experience.

I know we all have experienced some form of paint drips. I’ve even done it myself, on occasion. It’s so bad you can’t even see them. And I’ve never made them any darker than a black smear like the ones this drawing was made on, so I don’t see how you would even begin to tell.

The idea that you should try to preserve an original drawing as much as possible is the whole point here, and you’re using paint to do it. I don’t know much about it, but I don’t want to tell you that it works, because if it weren’t for this post your entire family wouldn’t know that you even care at all.

If you’re going to paint your drawing (and we probably aren’t, unless you’ve got a painting lab in your house) I suggest you make sure everything is still in perfect condition, and then go ahead and apply it.

I’m just saying; if you paint your drawing on a surface like that, at least it will be a little more difficult to erase with your brush later.

A very brief recap about how art is created

Art, at least in my opinion, is nothing more than a product of human creativity and a certain way of seeing. This is not necessarily true; if I wanted to draw on a piece of paper I wouldn’t draw on it until I figured out how to do it. But it is absolutely true that creativity is a product of human nature

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