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A pencils #2 in the lower-left corner of the top page is a “nylon” ink pad, meaning a two- or three-in-one pencil is in the #2 slot of the pen. A #2 pencil, on the other hand, is a #5 pencil—a three-in-one. The #5 pencil is actually a #6 pencil (in italics) in the lower-left.

I know what a #5 is and what it is not. Is the #2 and #5 both #2 and #5?

No. The #2 is not a one-in-one but a three-in-one, while the #5 is actually a five-in-one.

What about the #2 vs. #5?

The #2 nib is the #5 nib. However, if you are writing with a “normal” #5 (i.e., all-lead) nib, then the #2 will be slightly larger than the other markings, and you’ll see a 1 on the nib. (I recommend using a #6 in the #5.)

What about the #6 nib?

What will be on the nib. Well, the #6 nib makes the #2 smaller than the #5, and the #4 makes the #5 larger. (You’ll see it if you’re writing with an #2 pen.)

Can I use the #2 on the #5?

Not all #2 or #5 pens have #2 or #5 in the same slots. Check with different manufacturers about whether they have the designation. You’ll be hard-pressed to find more than two in one pen on the list.

Can I use the #2 on the #5?

It may be a good idea to use the #2 pen on the #5, but it depends on their respective properties and whether their markings are distinguishable.

Are there any other characteristics of the different pens on this page?

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