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No, we’re talking about the new Parker Pen in this week’s issue of Grant Morrison’s All-Star Batman.

In the wake of the Batman Annual #1—a story from Morrison and Scott Snyder—there’s been some speculation that the new Bat-symbol would lead to a new logo for the series (as it did with the Flash, the Birds and Superman, just to name a few).

So, a comic book retailer sent DC Comics to the source, asking one of those big comic book retailers in New York City:

“If Batman does have a new symbol in this series in the form of a Bat-symbol and this symbol only appears at night (like it does in the new Bat-signal), is this Batman or is this a symbol that only shows up the day before?” The retailers responded: “The new Batman could indeed be someone who only shows up at 6 AM. ”


According to this response by Mark Grayson, a well-known comic book retailer, the new logo features “one of the new shapes.” (This is the shape that was used in the new Batman’s “Batman/Bruce Wayne” graphic novel.) This new Batman could be someone who only shows up at 6 AM.

So that’s it. Just one more indication that the new logo may only be appearing at six o’clock in the evening. The previous series’ logo was a bat and that logo had “eight” in it, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find a logo similar to that one.

The following post was sent to me by one of my students and it contains my personal opinions and is not necessarily representative of the views of the College Board.
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It is always very encouraging when students share their thoughts and experiences on topics with the College Board. My name is Daniel and I have been a student here at the College Board for more than a decade. I’m always eager to learn what different groups think about issues related to student achievement.

In the spring of 2011, we held the first of the “What Do You Think?” workshops. I learned a lot from my classmates and many of those I worked with, and I believe my ideas and perspectives helped make our workshops a valuable experience.

Recently I was asked to conduct an additional workshop for a new cohort of students. I was excited because these students can be a little more specific about the topic they want to address with respect to what they think about our curriculum.

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