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Is an electric razor a #3 razor? If so, what is the meaning of #1? Is there a definition of #1?

We’ve looked at some of the many definitions for #1 and we look back at some earlier definitions. We’ll look at more later.
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As we know by this point, a pencil is simply made of metal. This metal is called pencil steel. The metal in pencil steel is called copper. The metal in razor blades is made of the same metal. The metal in the razor blades is called titanium nitride. We’ve looked at the many meanings of #1 before.

The #1 definition is that #1 is the metal that makes the pencil steel in pencils, razor blades and razor pens. The #1 definition also has various other definitions as well:

1. One in which the metal is the smallest unit of measure (1/8″ of steel, 1/72″ of copper)

2. One in which the metal has the smallest atomic number (one copper atom, one steel atom)

2. One in which the metal was discovered before any other metal

3. One in which the metal was discovered by some chemist or physicist

(Note: We can also say that a metal was discovered when the most advanced atomic technology was available but it was not discovered until several years later. In such cases, the definition of #1 does not mention the discovery. We may as well just call them “atomic discoveries” as #1 has a very strict definition as to who discovers it.)

Now, the following illustration will show that when we use the #1 definition, we say that the “fittest” metal made in pencil, razor, pen, pen blade and razor pen is nickel. To be more precise, we have shown here that nickel is the most “fittest metal made in pencils, razor blades … and razor pen,” with platinum and gold coming close to it.

Let’s turn now to the #2 definition, which is the most common definition. When you’re reading the definitions of #1 and #2, you may wonder what is the importance of the “b” in the middle of those two? The answer is just to remember that if you were to write the word “steel” with the letter “B,” you would say that it is a steel.

In other words, the word #2 has several different meanings.

The first meaning is that

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