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This is a very fine, light-sensitive nib with little flex. It works fine for most users, but when it’s not working well, I have to make sure I’m using a proper pen.


The Sailor Penman is a wonderful fountain pen. It can draw extremely well for a pen of this size, and it also produces gorgeous, deep lines. If you’ve ever tried a fountain pen in a smaller, lighter configuration, you’ll find that this is a joy to use: it’s a delight to write with. In the end, it’s the perfect size for someone that enjoys the feel of an ordinary pen. It can even write in the dark, if you’re not willing to take the risk of the light illuminating the nib. It’s an excellent pen in its class.

Pros: excellent balance; superb lines; excellent flow; exceptional writing; elegant; handsome; durable; easy to carry; durable for a fountain pen; easy to clean; comfortable to use Cons: some pen owners might not like it.


Nib: Sailor #15, medium-fine

Filler: Sailor #30, medium-fine

Inner barrel: 1.0mm, black, engraved

Inner cap: screw-in cap

Outer barrel: 0.4mm, black, engraved

Outer cap: 0.4mm, gold engraved; 0.3mm, yellow, engraved

Grip: Sleeve-style button

Satin finish on cap, barrel and cap screw

Pilot S-type converter

Tailcap threading


Size: 46mm (including the tip)

Weight: 26g (including cap and converter)

The Solomons are a new breed of pen that don’t come with a fixed “size”. Instead, it is a size based upon barrel length. These are a little lighter than the larger size pens, but they are similar size. A typical “small” Solomons is only slightly shorter than Pilot’s Pilot S-style converter. They write well and feel very comfortable to write with. The size is also ideal for when you’re traveling.

The Pilot S-type converter is available in two different flavors – Gold or Silver. Silver has a nice contrast and the gold version has a bit more contrast. I haven’t seen the Gold version and would love to try it in a real world

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