Is there a number 1 pencil? – Cool Colored Pencil Drawings Soda Can Dispenser

I’ve heard of people having problems with theirs that are worse than my new pencil! I know I may be in for a surprise by the time I put it down…

The quality of these markers is so much better than the originals I’ve purchased. I bought a bunch of different brands of marker so I could make my own and had a little experience with these new markers. After my first inkling of ink trouble (the second inkling was using the wrong batch of ink), I made the purchase. The quality and durability of these markers are outstanding. The fact that I have a very reliable pen with extra batteries I can take with me from workshop to workshop as an emergency backup is extremely rare!!

I bought this as it has 2 lines so I can keep track of what you write. The pen is very durable and works beautifully. I can take the cap off if I need to change them. I’ve been using them since I got mine last year and are always satisfied.

Wow! I got an awesome pencil and marker at the same time!! My wife and I love them!! I bought two pens with markers to share, and they were so nice!! These are the best! They are light-weight, they don’t bleed through the pages like others have said, and it’s super handy to be able to get the pencil to work with markers when we’re on short notice 🙂

I had to send them back because they were damaged due to water-soluble writing tablets. The pens were a little to thin, so the ink would bleed through the paper. They took care of it, although I think the pen probably would have been damaged anyway because they didn’t last long (about a month), but there’s nothing else in the way of pens left-handed folks like. The marker pens are much more accurate and work better that way. Great buy, though. Thanks so much!

One of the two pens I purchased was a pencil. I was surprised to find out the pen is actually a marker! The marker is the first product by one of the best pens manufacturer in the world and my choice to buy. The pen is great for a quick short note, it also write faster than the marker. I’m definitely in the “meh” category with the pens. The other pen I ordered was an actual pencil. The pen writes amazingly like the pencil I purchased. The point and color are just how you would expect a marker-pen is. The ink does not bleed or leave black

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