What are the 2 types of drawing? – Pencil Drawing For Beginners Boy


This type of drawing is mainly used to create small drawings or pictures.

1. Text Drawing

When you are talking about text drawings, it doesn’t involve any movement. You can actually watch the eyes of the person that is drawing.

2. Image Drawing

When you are talking about images, they are moving things or images. This type of drawing is made of moving things or words and is used to create things like a painting. These are usually a lot faster than text drawing.

3. Image Drawing

This is a much slower drawing. When you are talking about this type of drawing, you are probably not making a picture. But to create this type of drawing involves some drawing.

The way to draw is by moving. The more you move the better the result.

4. Moving image

When you are talking about this type of drawing, you are moving a lot of things like drawing, painting or painting and then painting again.

This is also the drawing that we are talking about with “moving image.”

5. Drawing with movement

Movements are a big part of everything. So movements are a big part of everything. So in a drawing, you are drawing motions between drawing and movement.

6. Stylistic movement

Some things are stylistic movement.

A stylistic movement is making things look nice and neat.

7. Moving Picture

An image is being made by moving things around.

Sometimes it takes place at the same place, sometimes it moves around in the background. Then you draw the moving or the background image.

So you make your picture by moving and seeing how it is coming out.

Pin on Drawing
Here’s a great way to get started. Take your finger and draw the area you want to move or make something bigger. Hold that finger against the ground. When you move it. When you move it, you make a movement. Try drawing that area. Draw a curve or shape between the finger and the ground. You then move the finger and draw the line you made in between the finger and the ground.

Drawing by movement is so very difficult. You need practice and practice. That’s why when you have your first drawing, try moving a lot. Move the finger, draw a little, draw more and so on.

So when you know how to draw by movement in your mind. That’s the

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