What are the 3 types of pencil? – Pencil Drawings Of Mule Heads

A traditional pencil (made of thin, sharpened wooden or glass shavings) is the most commonly mentioned. Another type of thin plastic is also considered a pencil. Most people would refer to the metal ball and/or metal roller as a traditional pencil. The pencil is sometimes combined with another, usually lighter, pencils such as ballpoint, stapler, or gel pen to make them a multi-function product.

The metal ball (also known as “pencils” or “pencils”) may be shaped to be cylindrical (circular-shaped) or conical. It may have the shape of a ball, cone, saucer, or cylinder. A typical metal ball may weigh anywhere from 100 to 800 grams (0.18 to 0.33 pounds). However, in many countries, such as many of these in Europe, the metal ball can weigh more than 900 grams (1.36 pounds). As with ballpoint pen, ballpoint is usually only used when writing paper. It’s easy to lose track of the ball while writing.

Metal roller (or “balls”) are small, rounded, cylindrical pencils. They’re considered to be the least common, and may be made of wood or glass. It has a “thickness” of 10 to 30 millimeters (0.05 to 0.26 inches) and it may weigh up to 3.1 grams. In the United States, the metal roller is most commonly found in ballpoint pens (the term “pen” is shortened to “ball”). The roller may also have a plastic coating which may or may not be used in any particular writing instrument.

The most commonly found plastic pencil (also known as “ballpoint”) is either made of hard plastic or synthetic polymers. The most frequently used are polymer (plastron) or polycarbonate. Polycarbonate balls and rollerballs are often manufactured by a number of companies, including:

Ballpoint Pens

Tinker Toy – Parker 50 ballpoint pens

Museum – Parker Ballpoint pen (1940’s model)

Mountain Dew – Parker 50 or Fountain Pen (1940’s model)

Mylar – Parker 50 and Pencil

Dyson – Parker 50

Wizard – Parker (classic) ballpoint pen

Tin Can – Parker ballpoint pen

Hobby Lobby – Classic ballpoint pen (1950’s model)


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