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You should really be able to draw your own hands and fingers and then have the understanding that you know how to use that on something. And then when you draw something for the first time it’s really like an intuitive process, where it feels so natural because you can really get a feel for how something is supposed to feel.

Then the next step is to work on the shapes. Then there are parts of shape. Then the next step of drawing is filling in. We have so many tools out there that allow you to fill in and to have a sense of what shape is going to be on the part that you’re filling in. So the skills that I teach in the workshops are really the skills of drawing and not the skills of using the tool.

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It’s the end of an era, that much is clear. An era where the likes of Alan Ball and Phil Thompson were able to be successful at all levels of world cricket, while the likes of Colin Croft and Michael Clarke fell by the wayside.

On its own, that is an impressive achievement. At the highest levels, the men in white shirts were able to win a world cup, one of the two Lions tours to South Africa and a series of ODIs against Pakistan. They were able to win three successive Test series in England and a World Cup.

But the fact that all of that happened alongside some very poor performances has been forgotten as the ICC set-up has moved on. In 2012, the ICC released a set of recommendations calling for a new structure of governance. While those suggestions have been rejected, there has been little in the way of changes.

If the ICC continues to make the same mistakes over the coming couple of months, it will be remembered for having failed its members. It will have failed the community it has been set up to serve. It will have failed to serve the game at a level any more successful than it did back in the day. It will leave its players and their families with the feeling for the first time that there is no life beyond cricket without the sport.

For those who love the sport, I say this: let that never happen again. Let it be the last time you hear of a member of the ICC making an attempt at any sort of change. That attempt must be made when they are up to date and in a position of strength. Let the new structure be constructed with the player, his agent and the governing body in

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