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Sketching a character or a vehicle is generally done at a pencil on paper (PoP) or on computer (CAM) program. In order to prepare for the sketching assignment, it is necessary to familiarize oneself with the details of the character’s features and body, and his/her relationship with the vehicle, and most importantly, with his/her body language. The sketches of a character usually correspond as a line graph in which a line represents the shape and the line is perpendicular to the character’s torso, whereas at the same time the head and the legs, a plane, represent his/her head and feet; this approach is considered as a natural representation of the character based on his/her physical behavior. This approach is used in case of the characters that are drawn as models to be used by the drawing instructor and students.

The sketching approach of drawing a model is used when drawing any specific shape of a vehicle, person, or any part of the body by hand. However, drawing an individual who would be the subject of sketches is not a simple task. A person’s behavior changes frequently. He changes from one moment to the next. While he appears to be in a fixed position in a sketch or the same position, in actual fact he will also move from one position to the other and sometimes change from side to side. A subject’s body often moves in strange positions that seem to contradict his facial expression and body language and often changes its position in mid-air. The main challenge for the student is to draw these various patterns of behavior accurately and efficiently. The body itself is complex enough to allow for any kind of change and can even evolve in an irregular fashion.

Sketching a model is more a problem when you are dealing with one or more human members, including, sometimes, those who have no face and will not change into one. Then again, an individual who uses any kind of sign such as a finger or hand sign or other sign of attitude and/or speech is often an extremely difficult subject to draw, because this will obviously differ from the usual form, even when there is a straight line segment between two or more lines. The difficulty of an illustrator lies not so much with the anatomy of the subject matter itself but with the skill in creating a realistic impression. With most of the subjects, a sketch is not useful for much more than an overall idea of the character’s appearance but often requires additional drawings like adding special color, shading and other effects of the same

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