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When learning to program, it is important for a new programmer to learn how to sketch (program). One of the most important skills a new programmer learns is sketching. Sketching is a form of computer programming. A sketch is a sequential sequence of keystrokes that describe certain parts of the program (programmer talk for “data”):

Some examples of sketches:

There are, of course, other types of programs. Most programs run on a separate computer connected to your computer, the host computer. But most sketching programs run on the same computer that your program runs on. This is so you can collaborate on your development project: when you’re working on a program, you need a programmer to write out the code; that programmer tells you about the program.

But how do you use that programmer code? For example, suppose you’ve written a program which asks for some info about a tree, or if you’re using a library (a “language” used to describe a program). Then it shows you the tree’s nodes and the branches. However, you then want to change the tree or just add info about the node — in this situation (for example) a program can be written which is designed to give you the information that you wanted. The programmer (or other “user”) can then edit the program and put in info that matches what you wanted. If there is some type of programming language available, it is often also possible to specify what the programmer needs (or want) at compile time. This is called a “compile-time language” or “syntax-time language” and is a more complicated way of describing the same thing.

A simple sketch:

This sketch is a simple example of something that you could write to make your sketches a bit more professional. But what can be a good sketch? A sketch can be much more complicated than a simple one and, depending on your style and what your goal is, this complexity could be really helpful. In this sketch, we’ll look at a simple function that does a lot of work: it prints out the current amount of gold in a given amount of time (called “total” gold, for example)

Some examples of a simple sketch:

How does this sketch help you? It makes you an experienced programmer, because it is a lot more “professional” than simply writing something that runs. Now the programmer can edit the sketch and know exactly how your program works.

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