What can you draw when your bored? – Simple Pencil Sketches Of Flowers

This is a very interesting question… what do we draw when we’ve just had a really good night of porn?

There’s the obvious: we all know how to draw. The real question is “does this make us seem sexy?”

In my recent TEDTalk I’m giving a talk on sex on TV and I want to go through some of the most common misconceptions, and how they come about.

First, there’s the “this woman is wearing her nightie”. How is this not sexy?

I often think, you know what? It’s not hot. But you are in an erotic position and you want to be attractive to the world, and you want to have a great night, so you want to look as sexy as possible…

I always feel the same way about porn.

So for me and if you are like me, is “facial attractiveness” the new ‘nightwear’…

Or is this just one of those stupid myths that people use to cover up their misogyny and just want to make us feel like we’re bad people?


“But it looks so good on her”

Or even a straight up ‘how can I show my wife I’m interested in them?”

Because the truth is, there’s nothing else that looks and smells as good as a woman’s bare legs. So there is nothing really to do with your porn night.

The “this woman is wearing her nightie” is just about as attractive as it gets.

And don’t say that you don’t get a sexual benefit from watching sex on TV – it has to start somewhere – but this is what the average guy will think:

“Now what would I do if I had a hot chick on my arm like she does? Like is it weird that I could just lean over and get it on with her, even though there’s still a bunch of people in those clothes? No, I mean, of course it’s weird to give that hot girl to her husband and put her body in her arms on her way there, but I would love to have her on my arm, too!”

What would you like to see her looking sexy with?

You probably want her to dress sexy for you, but is it OK for her to play games and just come on to you to make you uncomfortable? What is your ideal body shape? How does your wife respond to that?


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