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“A pencil that is an ideal pencil. It’s sharp and it’s reliable.”

“There’s still an element of science to it,” says Gudelsky. “This is all driven by the science.”

So what’s next for these two guys? They want to expand their pencil range with larger, thicker pencils that will accommodate larger sizes of pencil lead. Also, they plan to build a manufacturing facility for the line.

They also want to introduce other pencils. Gudelsky notes that he’s planning to start a pencil range for children’s hands-free use. He plans to add even more in the future.

Gudelsky also wants to expand the company’s offerings beyond pencils.

“We’re looking at the entire collection,” Gudelsky explains. “Whether it’s a range of pens, pens with pencil lead—all the kinds of things.”

A report to the British House of Commons suggests the Government is making “significant progress” in its “legislative effort” to repeal Brexit, but warns that “there is still work to be done to make clear that the referendum result is in fact an advisory one.”

The report by David Willetts, chief legal adviser to Prime Minister Theresa May, comes in response to calls from ministers for the Government to publish guidance on the status of the UK’s exit from the EU, which will include detailed advice on the legal consequences of withdrawal.

“This document outlines the Government’s aim to consult broadly on the outcome of the referendum, so as to enable the House to have its ultimate choice on the terms of our exit,” it says.

“In the absence of this guidance, the UK Government will consult closely with the European Union on an option to withdraw from the EU.”

The advice has been welcomed by the European Commission, which said it was “a timely and appropriate response.”
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The statement added that it was “important to show that the vote to leave has no legal or normative status other than that it took place on 23 June 2016. For the same reasons, any attempt to justify the UK’s negotiating stance must also take account of the result.”

The government is expected to publish the first draft of the Brexit withdrawal deal next week after it takes formal control of government from Mrs May on 27 March.

The British public have since been asked to give their opinions on what Brexit should look like, although there has been widespread skepticism about the prospect because of

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