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“H.” “Hear” on a piano? “H.B” can be confusing, but it’s actually actually a very useful shorthand.

What the Hell Does a Bitch Mean?

This is not something that any of us here at NRO would want to go into too much detail about without permission. It is important to do our job and make sure that the correct and factual information is given to the public. It is a matter for those who are entrusted with their legal and financial info to deal with, while we hope that the best information is used as soon as possible. While we do our best to be as accurate as possible, it does tend to get in the way of the real world.
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What is Wrong With the Term “Bitch”?

Just because you don’t agree with the word “bitch,” doesn’t mean the word is useless. In the case of the new federal law, Congress has decided that the appropriate term to use is “citizen.” The word “citizen” has a negative connotation. A woman who is in the military or a law enforcement police officer may be termed a “citizen” but a lesbian, transgendered, or a woman who is just looking for a job or a job opportunity in a new town or new country may not. Many of my fellow writers here at NRO believe that this is a good thing.

As a rule, many writers are uncomfortable and uncomfortable asking their writers for their opinions on the matter, for several reasons. First and foremost, we have all been personally affected by the term “citizen”. It is not something we take lightly. We are constantly being called all sorts of nasty things by our neighbors, by our co-workers, by our friends and family without fail. The last thing in the world we would want is our thoughts and feelings hurt by this word. As we can easily spot when a person is referring to the word as the most offensive and overused of all the words out there, it should be taken with a grain of salt. The word “citizen”, as it is used here, has been used as an epithet for many in the last 100 years and it will likely continue as long as there are men who see it that way. However, I can assure you that I will continue to use the words “citizen” and other words that make sense to me in the present day, based on my education, background, experience, and so on.


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