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HOLY HELL, THERE ARE NONSENSE WORD. “What does H-B mean on a pencil ?

It also means “Heaven” on the inside.

The first ink, which I had been using, just had H-B on the back and H on the inside. When the pen was finished, it just said H(E.)

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“H-B on a line” is a phrase which is often said when you have to write in a particular area of handwriting.

The original H-B means “Heaven”, but it is not written in the exact same way.

There is an old saying on the internet, “H-B is the best way to write “H-A”. For example:

H-B is the best form of writing H-A as my old man used to say.

If it says “H-B” I have been using it since I was 12. I have used H-B to write “Heaven” or “Amen” for some time and to write “Holy” in other places.

This is H-B in a real pencil, just as it is in the actual pencils I have.

Why do people say, “H-B is H-A”?

It is very common to say it. Many people just don’t know who he meant.

I have been writing in H-B for over a year now and do not get any complaints about H-B any more.

The one person who was always asking for H-B as a pen name at book signings was Bill Cosby – when he wrote A Whole New World .

Did I ever use the term H-B on anything?

Yes. But it was when writing poetry on your laptop in the dark!

Did I ever read books which talked about the H-B writing?

Nope .

Do I believe what I say?

I have been teaching all my life and have never let anyone argue with me on anything. I can only say that I believe what I say.

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