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A graphite pencil is a tool originally designed to make pencils. In fact, most graphite pencils and pencils are made of graphite. There are lots of different sizes, shapes and materials, but when you are creating something unique, it’s important to find a tool that’ll turn out exactly how you want it.

What is a diamond sharpener?

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An diamond sharpener is what the tool-maker calls an edge ripper. The term comes from the fact that it cuts diamond like a diamond. In fact, when using a diamond sharpener, cutting it into a diamond-like pattern is considered the “best” way to cut the metal.

What is a steel nib?

A steel nib is a metal-shaped tip with a hard, durable steel core. It holds a line and a pressure that keeps you writing.

What is a fountain pen?

Fountain pens are very different. They are very lightweight in composition while giving a wonderful writing experience.

What is a feather pen?

A feather pen is a stylus pen with a small feather on the end of the pencil. The pen is a perfect companion to writing and drawing with and without the aid of a stylus, and is available in various sizes and materials.

What is the difference between the M nibs (normal, fine, medium) and the F nibs (extra fine, extra fine) and the EF nibs (extra fine, extra fine) and the F nibs with the extra fine (extra fine, extra fine) and extra fine (special, extra fine) nibs?

The difference between fountain pen nibs and erasers is that a fountain pen nib has two sides which means the pen will work on both paper and watercolor. A special, extra fine, extra fine, extra fine with the extra fine nib is a special.

What is a nib with a tip?

A nib with a tip is designed to be a nib used with your preferred ink, or for a special nib in ink only areas.

What is a pencil point?

A pencil point is the sharpened ends of the pencil which sit on the writing surface. Many artists use one for drawing, and a pencil with two or three points is often used for outlining.

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