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Well let me share the history of this tool in the form of the history of its usage. It is believed that this tool was invented in the 1920s as a pencil for use with children. The pencil is a little longer than a baseball, at two and a half pounds. It has 5 different lead types, and is available in two grades. The first has a lead of 60% copper and 40% iron and is called a .20 lead. The second is a .24 lead. Each lead type is slightly different for different applications and uses. For example one of the leads is specially modified for drawing over an iron block on an iron wire, while the other is designed for use on a rubber ball, ball point pen, or other metal objects.
This device is a very powerful tool. It contains the same lead as the .20 lead for drawing and writing paper, and it has the advantages that it is the closest tool to a writing pencil, and it is an incredibly smooth writing tool. I have seen many examples of pencils and all types of writing tools which are the equivalent length of this pencil. Most pencils are only 0.25″ long, but this pencil is the size of a small, lightweight pencil. This is why it was chosen. It is very similar to the size of the pencil it duplicates. In fact, when the pencil was made this was the diameter of a 6mm pencil. The fact this is the equivalent of a 6mm pencil makes the size easy to handle. The point and head are both made of lead. They each weigh 5.5oz so they are large enough to be comfortable to use and not too heavy to carry around. Also, the point is not made from a metal which would rust away easily after years of use. This lead is also more durable than that of the .20 lead. The writing point on this is not sharp, but it does produce a good level of fine, consistent line. A point made of lead which is not sharp at all produces a very low level of smooth lines which would be easily destroyed by sharp objects and scuffs, so there is a great deal of care taken when using this pencil.

This is another pencil which is highly popular. An example is the .32 pencil which I have shown above. In this pencil the lead size is .28. This is very similar to the .24 point on the #4 pencil. I have used both these pencils, and they were easily the best pencils in use during the 1930’s

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