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Well, like most graphite pencils, an F graphite pencil is made from carbon, a substance that is a hard material, and graphite is also made from carbon. So you have the two materials combined together. What about the other graphite, calcium carbonate? It’s not really graphite, but it does have the same properties as graphite, but the difference is, when you form calcium carbonate through heat you add extra hydrogen gas. So the only difference is that in making graphite, you also make carbon.

So then the other interesting thing about carbon on a graphite pencil is that you can break it through to make more of the graphite — when you break through to the other layer of your graphite, you put more hydrogen between the two layers. It’s basically like you have two separate sets of graphite where there is graphite and there is carbon and, thus, it’s different.

So it looks kind of like a ball point pen, but it actually has a carbon nib in the base that lets you draw a small shape, but it’s a mechanical pencil with a carbon nib; and, by the way, a mechanical pencil that’s a mechanical pencil is not that common in the world today. People are familiar with pencils like fountain pens, pencils you would use with water for writing and such, but this is a pencil by the ways of the mechanical pencil where you get a mechanical grip on each of the four sides of the pencil and draw with one of those.
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So, yes, carbon is present in the world in various forms — just as in the universe for example. We know that there are different forms of carbon — some are made from carbon and some are made from hydrocarbons. And these forms of carbon were actually present in the earth before we came and gave it an environment that has become what we see. Now the most common carbon in the world that we can observe is carbon found in the atmosphere: carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide, and other substances in other gases such as butane and propane. Then there is other forms of carbon on the planet as well: carbon in the soil and various other forms. And so, each of the forms present in the earth, and all the different forms present in the atmosphere, and all the different forms present in the food chain are essentially the same stuff.

So, carbon is present in the earth and in the atmosphere, and in the food chain,

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