What is free drawing? – Pencil Drawings Of Butterflies

I’m not much into free drawing, but if you want some pointers for what a free drawing is, check out this article by Robert D. Laughlin on Free and Cost-Free Drawing that includes a list of the basic elements of a drawing.

You see, I love a good free drawing and in fact, it has a lot to do with the fact that I’m a perfectionist, and I will do anything to ensure the final piece of art is complete and beautiful. I’m going to give you a quick tutorial that shows you how to create a free drawing from the ground up. You will need to download the free Adobe Illustrator file if you choose to do this technique.

1) Choose the File Type and Layout

Once you have selected Illustrator, double click the New Work Item and you’ll see a window that looks similar to the one in the previous tutorial, but with an added filter.

Go to the View menu and from the Effect drop down drop-down menu, choose Distorted.

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Next, you will add more than just a little distortion to the object. Select any areas of your drawing that you want to get a bit more distortion. Make sure you are in your new work area.

A common mistake when creating free drawings is making your drawing look too flat, which makes your illustration look jagged. So to rectify this, go to the Adjustments window and select the Lens Correction filter and set its size to zero.

You’ll now have a nice little distortion effect on top of your drawing that looks good.

2) Add the Effect

Now that you have the distortion effect applied, let’s put it to work. To do this, you’ll need to select the Object tab in the Object Inspector (or click the Object button, as we’re doing here).

You’ll now have two tabs. The top of these shows the effects you can apply. Next to the Distort and Define checkboxes are the two filters in the Effect group.

Click and drag these two filters until something looks like this (click and drag to arrange):

The next window is the Effects sub-menu. You will notice the Filter box is not greyed out. Click this box and select a color based on your drawing. You might need to adjust the color to match the size of your drawing in the upper part of the screen (or, if you have a small drawing and need to get some extra brightness in

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