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Free drawing is what we, the artists, do in our free time. The word drawing means two things: to paint, and to do, or to draw a picture, and there is no such thing as ‘free’ drawing, for free is not an adjective. For example, the artist does not give a free sample of his work of art in the street. The artist who is a dealer or exhibitionist may call his drawings free. But in that case, he does not give the public the right to use the drawings without paying him the price, or without asking him for a special discount. All artists are free artists, and that’s how they make their living. But the artists who are doing so are free artists in name only, for they are not giving a free sample of their work to the public. They are giving it to the public so that other people might enjoy the same work. The same applies to the other artists who are also working in their leisure time, so that they may have the chance to show their drawings in the market, so as to attract some of the customers. But they are also free artists because they are doing this work for free. What is the nature of free drawing? The artists are free to use the drawing for any purpose they like, because they are not charging to show it. They do not pay for it, nor do they ask to be charged. They do not need to seek or obtain permission if that is what they need, nor do they have to pay for it unless they want to show it off. The artists who charge for exhibitions and dealers are like them, for they are the same, that is, they are charging to show it off.

Is it a form of artistic freedom?

No artist is free from criticism. You would have to be an amateur to criticize a drawing. I am an amateur artist. Anyone who criticizes my work is simply taking advantage of me. A drawing by a master (or professional) artist cannot be criticized. It may be criticized if it is bad or ugly, and many critics want to take advantage of me. A master has no need to tell its critics that he is a mediocre student. The reason why I am an amateur artist is that, unlike a master, I draw everything myself, from the moment I am willing to do so. I draw my portrait, but the painter could not teach me about shading. Or a draughtsman could not teach me about making the pencils. The artist himself is

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