What is graphite pencil made of? – Drawing Girl

Graphite pencils are usually made from boron carbide, but sometimes they can also be made from graphite sand, which naturally occurs in the oceans. They consist of a layer of graphite (graphiteite is a solid, crystal-like material), which is often slightly brittle and can be peeled off simply by holding the pencil (or pencil case) at a 90 ° angle.

This picture shows how a pencil can be made from graphite – a bit in depth here.

How much is a pencil made of?

A pencil is usually considered to have an overall weight of 1,000 grams and up to about 1.6 grams is added to the graphite to ensure smooth writing. On average the weight is around 9 grams.

Where do you get your graphite (as it comes from)?

Graphite pencils are often found as the raw material for various types of ceramics, which are often found in many types of decorative products from homes to wedding gowns to purses – however, a large amount of this material has also turned into charcoal. It is usually sourced for this purpose from areas that are prone to wildfires, which are often thought to trigger eruptions.

What does ‘coal’ look like?

A large proportion of ash contains carbon, which helps to create the charcoal which the ash is made of. This ash, once mixed with carbon dioxide, turns into a solid called coal and some scientists claim that it’s the carbon in coal that prevents it igniting. However, this is not always the case – sometimes coal is produced purely as part of the process of blacksmithing. The most common reason to produce a blacksmith’s ash is for decorative purposes.

You often see blacksmith’s ash being used as an ashtray.

You can find more information about blacksmith’s ash on wikipedia.

What can you do about ash in your house?

In Australia, ash is used to cook food, and is also used as bedding, wallpaper, food colouring, and even insulation – so there is no need to worry that your home isn’t being blacksmithed when it is simply being used for these purposes.

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