What is live sketching? – Pencil Drawing Books For Adults

Live sketching is a form of interactive webcomic that lets audience members “comment directly on a panel of cartoon characters”. The goal of live writing is to take this concept and make it into a comic book, with the comic being written from the point of view of the audience (i.e. the live reader). The live audience, called an “audience member”, reads the dialogue aloud to the panel.

See Live Scripting for a more complete description of how a live audience works.

What is Panel Viewer?

In a panel viewer, each panel in a comic book is represented by a character (or a group of characters) and the viewer is allowed to switch between the characters (or groups) as the comic progresses. The “current panel” (or “current line”) is determined by the viewer who is observing the comic at any point during the comic.

See Panel Viewer for more information.

What is the difference between a live reading of a comic and a panel viewer?

A live reading consists of an audience interacting with a panel of the comic book, rather than the audience doing nothing but reading the comic from a stationary table. For this example, all panels in the comic book are drawn in ink, the only exception being those that contain characters (such as a house or a car) that are animated using digital graphics.

A panel viewer, on the other hand, is when the panel in a comic book is drawn by a person who is sitting inside a studio or other environment that the reader can view from. This viewer is then asked to move between the characters on a live basis, and the current panel is drawn and read by the audience who are watching the comics.

See live reading for more information.

What is live writing, live reading, and live writing webcomic discussion?

Live writing is the act of writing comics out-of-panel, a technique used for creating a real sense of place where a panel is held within a comic book. This is also known as reading panels, using live and live panel drawing techniques, the concept is to put a panel in a comic, hold it at the back of a comic book in one panel, take a look at that panel from the inside (the live reader is supposed to be listening to the story being told there), and write their impressions, thoughts, and feelings on it. The panel is held in a separate room as the story unfolds in

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