What is live sketching? – Sketch Drawing Tutorial

Live sketching is the act of producing and performing a sketch live on stage.

This has been an ongoing challenge for us and is a fundamental element of the work we do for our audience on Channel 4.

For those not familiar with the act, a live sketch is a set, a set of pre-recorded audio segments that are then played to the audience before the show as part of the routine and we’ve done some quite remarkable jobs here.

It is also a very time consuming, and we’re constantly improving it to add more variety, better sound production and more flexibility for you to change the way the thing is being played out when the audience come along.

We love having this opportunity to create and deliver the best live show possible so it was always an important part of the process before we were able to say, ‘OK we’re going to do live sketch’.

How will the funds be used?

The funds raised will be used to create the show and to invest in better equipment for the venue in Bristol.

The costs of production and promotion will be covered by the profits from the show, and will, of course, also go towards paying the production crew. They are the heart of an ambitious, ongoing programme so as we get funding we will be hiring a talented, capable, experienced team.

The other major item of expenditure will be to pay our artists wages as they perform and the costs associated with booking their gigs to ensure we can manage them properly in the best possible way.

What about the money from this Kickstarter campaign will go straight into producing the live show?

This is where we get to the point where we can say, ‘OK we’re actually going to go ahead and make the show’.

We’ve been working on our show for well over a year so we have all the elements we need to make it happen.

We have the audience on board with us and are able to bring them along with us on an intimate and authentic level that they will be blown away and really enjoy.

We’ve been working with some incredible talent already, from actors like Richard Curtis and Michael O’Halloran, to comedians like Sam Brown and Danny Martin who have committed to performing the show to our audience, and we now have a group of outstanding artists already in place who are committed to delivering a show that is the best show we can make.

So if you can support us and get behind the show we’re going to

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