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Pencil illustration is a technique for displaying a 3-D object. It is based on the use of pencils.

Examples of Illustrations

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All drawings are made for illustrative purposes only. All drawings can be freely used without any compensation.

There was a rumor going around Twitter last week that former Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler was on his way to the Cleveland Browns to become coach of the team, a move that would have made him the highest-profile coach in the NFL since Hue Jackson and Chris Palmer. The rumor is unconfirmed.

That doesn’t mean the Browns aren’t interested in bringing Cutler back though. As they did with Brown this past offseason, they’re now trying to work him into their coaching staff while maintaining a head coach with high draft pick potential in Tom Herman. The most recent report on the search for a new coach went to great lengths to point to this, when they talked about how the club had worked to secure another top-notch offensive staff:

With the top-three picks in this year draft, the Browns might consider another head coach as early as this weekend or early next week, sources told ESPN. “We’re not done here, we don’t need anyone just yet,” one team source said. “But we’re working hard to close deals and make it happen.”

That’s a bold statement because of the current staff that the Browns have currently. How would one fit in with such an offense?

In fact, it’s not as if they’re a team that is lacking offensive talent. Offensive Coordinator Norv Turner has worked wonders as the Browns’ve built one of the most potent offenses in the NFL up the middle. But it might just be a matter of fitting the offense well when it comes to playing zone-run schemes.

And the only reason you might want to bring in a guy like Cutler is if you’re a Browns fan. He’d be a great coach for your beloved team, who are still trying to figure out their identity under Hue Jackson. Cutler wouldn’t be the first coach the Browns could bring back. But that just makes his move as an offer from the other side a bit more believable.

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I’ve been interested in the concept of a true community for far more of my life than college or college-town. It’s what I lived, what I taught. In most places, it

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