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I don’t think so. The most versatile pencil is the #2 #3, because it’s not heavy (it’s a fine tip) nor does it feel as sharp as a #1, so you don’t feel like you’re going to break it. The #2 is actually a little more watery; there is less grip. It goes from a sharp to a dull, and it will get a little mushy in your hand when you apply you will have to sharpen. #3 isn’t sharp-sharp, so you may be tempted to hold it too short, but it is more wetted with air, which is more stable. The #1 is very heavy and may take some practice because of its wetness.

In summary, it’s a matter of taste. I’m a bigger fan of the #5 and #2, but you should not go too crazy and break them out too much.

How do I find a pencil worth buying?

You should be able to find a sharp pencil that works in this collection, and with that is a pencil that will not break. You might want to check whether another brand has a pencil that works well. You can find a list of brands here.

I’ll also recommend that you read through the notes in the description and see what other people are using, so you know if the pencil feels the same when you’re using it.

If you really want a good looking pencil, check how it can be used for a composition and see what kind of feel you can get from that type of pencil. A good pen is also important: use it for an important line for a composition. Another way to test the pencil is to look for a pencil that is less sticky.

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